Since we started our research back in 2005 we chose to focus on the natural ingredients that our planet give us to take care of our skin, while we were developing our research we found that there were some animals whose components could be easily used in the cosmetic industry with great effects and benefits for human skin, components as Rhea’s and Ostrich’s oil, but obviously the extraction of those oils means to forcefully sacrifice them, which made us discard them as a component or even an option for our products, and instead chose Snail Slime.

We keep the Snails on a farm installed in our facilities in Chile where they are fed and taken care of during all the year. When the snails finish the winter resting period they are taken to another part of the facilities where a group of workers take the snails and extract the slime one by one without causing any harm to the animals, after the third extraction, the animals are released to its natural environment to continue with its natural cycle of life.

Knowing that we could find in nature everything we need to improve our life’s quality, and that we could extract and use this elements of nature to develop our products for skincare is that we chose to maintain a naturalistic approach, giving to our customers the best products that can be developed with natural ingredients, which due to its own natural condition are very little likely to cause any kind of allergic reaction on human skin, actually all of our product has been tested to know and certify that all of them are hypoallergenic (Alergisa in Brazil carried out more than 5 thousand test to certify this) and provide with great and natural benefits.